Underneath Your Clothes

by Jackie

When it comes to what you wear, what’s on the inside matters just as much as what’s on the outside.

On a sweltering August workday, I decided to wear a turquoise linen skirt that had been sitting in my closet untouched.  After one last check in the mirror, I put on my beige-peep toe pumps and jet off to work.  Though I love linen for being cool, lightweight, and versatile, I suddenly hated it when A*cute co-founder Sherria pointed something out, “Girl, I can see right through your skirt.”  My dim apartment lighting betrayed me and my bright office lighting exposed me. Horrified, I rushed to a Filene’s close to the office in search of a slip.  “Oh honey, we don’t sell those here.  They’re old fashioned,” said the incredulous sales lady.  Desperate to cover my unmentionables, I bought a pair of knee-length spandex shorts, confident that my secrets stay kept.  This wardrobe disaster along with horrifying sightings of women’s exposed bodies in sheer summer dresses prompted me to make a list of underwear essentials.

WARNING: If you are wearing white, choose underwear that matches the color of your skin.  Fair-skinned girls should opt for white or beige undies while darker skinned girls should stick with black.


1. A slip. Being modest does not have to mean being prude. This is not your grandmother's petticoat.



2. A camisole. Busty ladies usually have issues with button-downs, V-necks can be very inappropriate, and suits can be boring with dull blouses. A lace cami flirts it up and tames it down all at the same time.

convertible bra

3. A convertible bra. Visible bra straps turn any sophisticated sheath or classy summer dress into a trailer park muumuu. Get one bra with multiple uses to wear under any outfit. Quick tip: Have a Nordstrom lingerie fitter take your measurements, then head over to Target to get your size. Please don't get caught with quadruple-boob or back-fat pinch.


4. Spanx. Visible pantylines (VPLs) tell the world what mood you were in when you got dressed in the morning, and what you might be doing after work. Spanx eliminate those unsightly lines and smooth out your curves in form-fitting outfits.


5. Seamless panties. Yet another tool to avoid VPL, only prettier.


2 thoughts on “Underneath Your Clothes

  1. Thank you soo much for this article. Like you said, most of us have this distorted view of slips and old fashion garments. But what we fail to realize is that our mothers and grandmothers were women of class..and sophistication. Therefore, we have a lot to learn from them. And PS: girl, at least you had someone at work who could be fully honest with u;0)..Life is Love

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