Button Up, It’s Cold!


Double-breasted A-line coat, Sale price $99

by Sherria

Although many of us East Coasters are in denial, we need to admit it to ourselves: It’s Winter!

In late August, I went to Old Navy in search of a nice Spring Trench coat for the fall. I bought the tan Trench, reminiscent of a more expensive Burberry Coat. Whew, I thought I was cute, until one month later…it seemed like the weather went from 70 to 20 degrees in the course of one week! So let’s face it; it’s time for the Winter Coat.

Picking out a good winter coat can be a challenge for us stylish ladies. We want something warm, but we also want to be cute, and let’s not forget we want it reasonably priced. Fortunately, there is online shopping. A lot of stores offer deals online that are not in the department stores. A*cute has featured Victoria’s Secret as its online pick for Winter Coats. Victoria’s Secret sells coats that are thick, cute, and last more than one winter season.

Shop while the online sales last. Go to: http://www2.victoriassecret.com/collection/?cgname=OSCLOOUTZZZ&cgnbr=OSCLOOUTZZZ&rfnbr=6620

red coat

Red Wool A-line coat, Sale price $149

white coat

Drop-waist belted wool, Sale price $129


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