The Right to Bear Arms

First Lady, Michelle Obama, White House Portrait 2009

by Sherria

When First Lady, Michelle Obama, posed for her White House portrait she received mixed reviews about the sleeveless dress she wore. Some thought the black dress adorned with pearls was classy while some thought she should have covered up her arms in order to symbolize purity, decorum, and professionalism. While many have their opinions on Michelle Obama’s White House portrait, A*Cute Consultants believe that bearing arms can be professional, depending on the atmosphere and the style of top worn.

While chatting with colleagues from various professional settings, we heard accounts of women wearing halter tops and spaghetti strap shirts to work. While every woman has the right to bear arms, let’s remember that our image as a woman should reflect dignity for one’s self and respect for your job and co-workers. Casual, party, and professional attire all have their appropriate place; choose your clothing accordingly.

DON'T: Wear halter, spaghetti, or tube tops to work. This type of clothing is meant for the beach or the nightclub.

DON'T: Wear a halter under a suit jacket. At first glance this may look appropriate to wear under a blazer. However, you will probably find some reason to take your blazer off during the day, exposing your 'party' shirt.


DO: Take pointers from the fashionable First Lady and wear three-quarter (3/4) sleeves.

Example: Three-quarter length blouse (find more options at

DO: Wear a cap sleeve. This look is very sophisticated. Banana Republic offers blazers with cap sleeves. (Picture taken from: Banana Republic)

DO: Stock up on long sleeve shirts and/or turtle necks. They are made in a variety of colors, which makes for a very bright winter!


2 thoughts on “The Right to Bear Arms

  1. I think one of the things that allows Michelle Obama to show off her arms and look good doing it, is the fact that her arms are very toned and lean. She obviously takes a ton of pride in her physical fitness and appearance, and it shows. An in shape physique always enhances the appearance of any outfit.

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