Party, Party, Party, Just Don’t Get Wasted

by Sherria

Holiday parties hosted by your employer are a great way celebrate the festive season and close the end of the year with a fun social event. Many companies also host such events with the intent to boost morale, raise productivity, and foster  camaraderie among employees. But before you over-indulge in the spiked eggnog, check out A*cute’s DOs and DON’Ts of the office holiday party.


1) Attend the Office Party

-Attending your office holiday party is a way to connect with your co-workers outside of the day-to-day rigmarole. Socializing and networking with influential people (i.e., manager, senior staff) can help build your network and strengthen professional relationships.

2) Be Professional

-Although the Office Holiday party is a social event, it is also an extension of the work day. While you can relax a little by enjoying entertainment, food, and festive activities, you should conduct yourself as an employee. Professionalism is always in style.

3) Be positive and upbeat

-No one likes a “Debbie Downer.” Whining or complaining about personal or professional problems is out of order. Instead, enjoy light and positive conversation with co-workers about family, holiday plans, and current events.

Inappropriate behavior at a holiday party could earn you a permanent holiday from your job.



1) Drink excessively

– Avoid heavy drinking. Drinking too much alcohol will lower-inhibitions, which may cause you to tell that annoying co-worker what you really think of them, in a “not-so nice” manner. If you are going to partake in libations, limit yourself to one drink. Sip it in order to savor the taste throughout the night.

2) Flirt with co-workers

-That cutie from the Finance Department has sparked a conversation with you at the table. You’re so excited that you start giggling and playfully nudging his arm. STOP. It’s okay to have an interesting conversation with the opposite sex, but touching should be avoided.

3) Dress Inappropriately

-A Holiday office party is NOT the Prom, homecoming, or your quinceñera. Please don’t wear ball gowns or overly decorative dresses. For appropriate holiday party wear, see A*cute’s post “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Always remember, dressing professionally is the foundation of being A*cute.


2 thoughts on “Party, Party, Party, Just Don’t Get Wasted

  1. I love that quote in “Party, Party, Just Don’t Get Wasted.’ Working in corporate America, lots of things happen at holiday parties that eventually become career limiting moves.

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