Best of A*cute 2009!

Since our launch in April, we’ve been working hard to help you look good at work.  We thank you, our readers, for coming back regularly to see what’s new at A*cute.  Here’s a list this year’s most popular posts.  Make your New Year’s Resolution to be a better version of yourself.  We’ll be here to help look and act A*cute along the way. 



Nail it…

Grey is this winter's must-have nail color.  It's conservative enough to wear to work, yet funky enough to express your fashionable style.

After a trip to the nail salon, A*cute had to let you all know that your hands should not speak louder than your words.  Click here for the latest trends in nail styling that are most appropriate for the workplace.




 Etiquette is always in style


Per your in-person and email requests, we outlined appropriate workplace behavior.  According to your messages, some of you may need to forward this post to your cubicle buddies/officemates.





 The Right to Bear Arms

First Lady Michelle Obama’s official White House portrait caused a stir in the media and the blogosphere when she chose to sport her toned, bare arms in a classic sheath.  A*cute tells you how to bear your arms the presidential way in this top-rated post.




 Party, Party, Just Don’t Get Wasted

There’s always one office party drunk.  Follow these DOs and DON’Ts so that you can keep your dignity, and your job.

Workplace Fashion No-nos

If you wear miniskirts to work, this post is for you.  If you know someone who shows too much cleavage at work, don’t talk behind her back at the watercooler, send her this post instead.  She’ll get the hint.  We promise.

With that, A*cute wishes you Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to see you in the fashionable New Year!


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