A New Year, A New Closet

Get organized, stay stylish

by Jackie

Now that you’ve organized all of your Christmas gifts, recovered from the New Year’s parties, and broken each of your resolutions at least once, it’s time to get down to business. Don’t let disorganization and procrastination keep you from being the stylish office femme you are.  Until you get your five-bedroom house with your custom closet, here are some tips to getting your closet organized for a fashionable 2010:

  • Take all of your clothes out of your closet and separate them into keepers, no-nos, and maybes.  Toss the no-nos in a bag for donation to the Haitian earthquake victims.
  • If it doesn’t fit, just quit.  That top that shrunk in the wash, those pants that fit just a bit too big, and that dress that you’re saving for your 2010 body need to go in the no-no bag.  You may be making changes, but change takes time.  Besides, why save an old dress for a new body?
  • Seriously analyze your maybe pile.  Be honest with yourself about what you will honestly wear.  A*cute doesn’t  believe in being trendy, but we do believe in being up-to-date.  That blazer your mom handed you with the shoulder pads… yeah, the one with the gold buttons. Let it go.
  • Once you separate your maybe pile into keepers and no-nos, organize your keeper pile into tops and bottoms.  Play around with different combinations to make new outfits. It may even help if you take snapshots with your digital camera of your new outfit creations.  That way, you won’t have to spend much time wondering ,”Does this top go with these slacks?” in the mornings before work.
  • Have fun!  Turn your music on high and put on a fashion show for yourself trying on different outfits.  Invite a friend over if you want a second opinion.  You may end up finding you have more choices than you ever thought, saving you time and money that you would have spent in the mall.

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