The Verdict is In: Part II

by Sherria

Paralegal, Scott Pegram, is back to deliver his verdict on female fashion in the workplace

1) What’s the color palette of clothing in a law office? Are bright colors acceptable?

Bright colors are acceptable, but are usually only prevalent in certain subgroups within a large firm. Entering first year female attorneys, paralegals, and other women of younger ages tend to jazz up office attire with floral patterns and zesty colors ( i.e., aqua blue, lime green, hot pink); especially in the spring season.

Add color to your wardrobe with beautiful PASTELS

Just remember to time your outfits wisely; when it comes to client meetings, traditional seems to always work best, says Scott.

2) What kind of clothing is inappropriate for women to wear in a law office?

Many law offices have a formal written Dress Code. The rules tend to resemble those of other financial, medical, and other professional careers. Short skirts and low-cut blouses are the two basic components of a female “no-no” at most offices. Anything revealing too much skin will give cause for verbal scolding by other senior attorneys. The inappropriateness of female clothing is ultimately left up to the partners at the firm. There have been countless occasions where one partner may feel specifically uncomfortable of a woman or man’s dress for that day and request that the individual either change clothes or return home. Ultimately, pleasing the partners will keep you floating above water.

Mix dark and light colors

3) Any final tips for women?

Although professionalism is key, it’s always important to have fun with your daily wardrobe. Try new things in the workplace, as long as they are work appropriate. You will feel confident about yourself and often times, co-workers and higher-ups will take more notice to you if you stand out from the rest of the female population. Push the limits of mixing colors with earth tones, darks with lights, and business casual with formal to spice up things in your office. Just remember to time your outfits wisely; when it comes to client meetings, traditional seems to always work best.


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