In with a bang

by Jackie

Little sis and momager at Alero's on U St.

My mom and sister came to visit me from New York this weekend.  While I knew that we were going to celebrate my sister’s 17th birthday at Alero’s on U Street and take her on a college visit to American, I did not expect our impromptu at-home salon experience.  I’m used to styling my own hair, complete with roller-set and hood dryer in my apartment, so it was nice to have my mom, affectionately known as my momager,  play hairdresser while she was here.

I was ready for a new look, but had no idea what to do. I’d had bangs the year before and loved them, but after letting them grow out, I was reluctant to cut them again because I was afraid of looking too young and not being taken seriously professionally. At 25, I often get mistaken for a teenager when I’m not all dressed up in workwear. After some coaxing, I decided to abandon caution, and go for it.

In this economy, you may not be able to afford a whole new wardrobe, but a haircut will give you a whole different look and make your clothes look new.

Stumped? Need some ideas on what to do with your hair? Check out these hairspirations:

(Google images) Janelle Monae's hair is funky enough to express your individual style, but neatly pinned up for a professional edge.

(Google Images) Victoria Beckham's angled bob is fun and flirty without being inappropriate for the workplace.

(Google Images) If you normally wear your hair straight, try Zoe Saldana's loose curls.


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