Traveling on Business

by Sherria

Earlier this week I traveled to Chicago for a press event. Since I had to attend a business meeting shortly after arriving in the Windy City, I figured I should wear my business clothes on the plane. However, comfort was my first priority since I knew I would be traveling for hours. I needed an outfit that would work for napping on the plane, then jetting to a meeting upon landing.  I opted for business clothes that were loose and comfortable, yet displayed a professional image. Remember, just because you will be on the road or in the air for a few hours you don’t have to look like a slob to be comfortable.

JC Penny: Soft Slouch Jacket, $24.99

NY&Co, Dress Pants, $29.95

Wear flat shoes for comfort while traveling, then change into your pumps before business meetings. Aldo Shoes, $50


One thought on “Traveling on Business

  1. Traveling with class pays off. I think looking like a slob should make one feel uncomfortable. Well said in your article. Great job!

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