Snow White

by Jackie

As the last Winter snows hit the northeast and we inch toward Spring, why not take a break from the usual dark, dreary colors that occupy your cold-weather wardrobe? White is a striking color that gets you noticed and matches black in its level of professionalism. I know what you’re thinking, “Grandma says no white before Memorial Day!” We love grandma, but that notion is a bit outdated. White is a year-round color, appropriate for all seasons.

Here’s a fab look that you can get today, just by pointing and clicking on the links in our Get the look! section.

Get the look!


2 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Number 1 don’t: don’t take your white wool peacoat to the club, because it will get trampled in the midst of a scuffle and you will never be able to get the stains out, no matter how many different dry cleaners you go to.

  2. I agree with you there, but you should wear your white coat to the office. The club is a totally different world lol.

    — Jackie

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