Sail On…

by Sherria

Beach Boys

When I was younger, listening to the Beach Boys’ 1988 single, Kokomo, would take my mind to a special place filled with sandy beaches, palm trees, and boats- even though I lived on the cold northeast coast of the United States. Nowadays, not only do I think about sailing and going away to a beautiful island- I think about what I will wear!

Following the Nautical theme of the previous post by fellow A*cute Consultant, Jackie, I decided to pick out some really cute boat shoes that would be perfect for that sailing trip as the weather warms up. Take a peek…

Women's boat shoes are great for those pleasant sailing trips. In addition to sailing, you can wear boat shoes while shopping, taking a long walk, or even Casual Friday at the Office.

“We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow. That’s where we want to go. Way down to Kokomo” -Beach Boys 1988

Classic Boat Shoe, Nordstrom ($75)

Assorted-Color Boat Shoes, Available at Nordstrom in Orange and Rasberry ($85)Gold Boat Shoe, Nordstom ($85)


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