Flip-Flop Fail

by Jackie

I know. We are all excited because we forgot what it was like to leave our house without wincing at the chilling winds. Sunny days are here again! But, before we get all excited, let’s put things into perspective. It’s not officially Spring yet.

I wish I could say I was surprised when I spotted women already sporting flip-flops, but I’m not.  This is your official warning to save your flip-flops for the beach or the weekend. During rush hour on the Metro, you will get stepped on and your pedicure will go to waste, not to mention all of the dirt your feet will collect walking to your downtown office. Yuck.

Plus, since most of us don’t change into our work shoes until we get our desks, flip-flop wearers have to trudge through the office, with the shoe smacking against their foot bottoms making an annoying noise.

Don’t be that girl.  Don’t let comfort be an excuse for sloppiness!

The alternative…

A cute, sleek flat will take you a long way.  Experiment with a bright color to add some fun to your look.

Yellow skimmer, Target.com, $20


5 thoughts on “Flip-Flop Fail

  1. I so agree about saving flip flips for the beach (or changing room). They encourage a shuffle sort of walk that looks very ungainly, that the wearer gets into probably without being aware of. (sorry bad grammer).
    Those yellow skimmers that you have featured would add a touch of elegance to the every day.

  2. Yes! It’s sort of a waddle that one does to keep the slipper from falling off of the foot. Thanks for your comment!

    — Jackie

  3. I would have to say that I am a flip flop culprit…but I won’t do it this Summer. Hopefully! 🙂 It is quite dangerous and dirty out there. Especially the really flat ones are one inch from the floor.

  4. Yup, you are right. But, trust me, swap out your flip-flops for actual shoes (flats or sandals) and you’ll feel and look a million times better.

    — Jackie

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