Women’s History in Fashion: The 50s

by Jackie

Happy Women’s History Month! Today’s working woman would not be where she is today without the strides of those that came before her. The Sojourner Truths, Elizabeth Cady Stantons, and Shirley Chisolms of the world laid the foundation so that we could vote, earn competitive wages, and be as bad as we want to be.

Women’s fashion has definitely been a sign of the times throughout history.  Fashion has, and always will be, a marker of societal values and popular.  Today, let’s take a look back to the 50s.

The 50s A-line silhouette is fun, flirty and flattering to many body types, especially those with curves.

Get the Look!

Cardigan, Forever21, $15

Lace Tank, NY&Co., $20

A-Line Skirt, Kohl’s, $28

Pearls, Forever21, $10

Ruffled slingbacks, Target, $20

Sit back, relax, and go back in time with A*cute!


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