Twenty-One Can Last Forever

by Sherria


Gray Buttoned Cape, Forever 21

When I was in college, Forever 21 was the best store to find fashionable clothes at an affordable price. But when I moved along into the professional atmosphere, I wasn’t sure if the “teeny bopper” store could translate into the professional world.

 Occasionally, I could go in the store and find great accessories or even a nice shirt. But as the skirt hems got shorter and the necklines got lower, the further I moved from the clothing racks.  But, believe it or not, Forever 21 can last forever if done right.  Today, my co-worker walked over to my desk in a black skirt and a gray cape. The cape is fierce! I asked her where she bought it, assuming she would say Macy’s or Anne Taylor, but no, it was from Forever 21! So, I’ve decided to go back on my vow and give Forever 21 a second chance. But this time, I will opt for shopping online. Those Pentagon City Mall teens scare me ;-(. 

 Check my online shopping guide to Forever 21.

Go to -- Click on the Apparel tab and scroll down to Outerwear and Sweaters; both sections usually have the most appropriate attire for a professional environment.

White blazer with flower pendant, $34.80

Puff Sleeve Ruffle Trim Cardigan, $24


Denim Naval Blazer, $32.80


2 thoughts on “Twenty-One Can Last Forever

  1. Hey! Forever 21 has that line Faith by 21 and its appropriate for the larger sized woman. They definitely have some nice work approriate pieces. I actually just went in there yesterday and bought a few things for myself! I like that they have the section for the larger women though because I hate it when a larger women shops for clothing that does not fit her figure!

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Thanks for commenting. You are right, Forever 21’s Faithful line is a great fashion resource for plus size women. I went to Forever 21 on Friday and checked out the Faithful line. They have pieces that mirror the regular XXI fashions as well as some additional pieces that really contour the body. I’m so happy that a fashionable retail chain has recognized the fabulosity of plus size women!

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