Hi, Mom!

by Jackie

My momager has been keeping me fresh since 1984.  When I was in school, many of my peers complained about the clothes their mothers made them wear, you know the itchy sweaters or T-shirts with cartoons you’ve outgrown.  Fortunately, I’ve never had that problem.  Sure, there have been the occasional style misunderstandings (may the 7th grade Christmas pageant rest in peace), but for the most part, she’s always kept me on point.

In college, when most kids were getting care packages filled with sugary sweets and fatty snacks, my mom sent me glam packages.  Even now,  though I have a full time job, I still get little surprises in my mailbox that brighten my day.  Last night, I received the latest package.  In it was this navy blue V-neck sweater from the Gap that I liked so much, I sported it today.  I love layering, so it’s perfect for me.  I can put it under or over anything, and wear it tons of different ways.

Recently, she’s also sent me a hair care package filled with Palmer’s Cococut Oil products.  The shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair smelling like the tropics.  Every other night, I use a bit of the oil conditioner before going to bed (just a tiny bit. Greasy hair is so not A*cute).  In the mornings, I use a dime-sized amount of  hair lotion to prevent frizz on rainy days and keep it shiny when it’s sunny out.

Their products also don’t weigh my hair down.  I cannot stand flat, lifeless hair so lightweight hair products are a must for keeping my mane full and bouncy.

Thank you Mommy!



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