by Jackie

One girl’s pain can be another girl’s shoe heaven. Last year, I bought these cute flats from the Gap that I couldn’t resist. They were perfect for Spring, complete with a yellow flower detail (I live for anything yellow).  I tried them on in the store and though I am a size 8.5, the size 8 flats fit perfectly.  Two weeks later, when I wore them outside, they nearly killed me.  They fit so tight, I felt like I was going blind.  Grief-stricken, I put them away in my closet. 

This Spring I decided it was time to give up and part with them.  Ironically, my coworker/friend, Jackie, had a pair of size 8.5 chocolate brown Nine West platform pumps that were too big for her.  Randomly, she came in the office and said, “Hey, do you still have those Gap flats from last Spring? Do you want to trade them for these brown pumps that don’twork for me?”  I couldn’t believe she had remembered the shoe drama of 2009. 

 The rest is shoe history!

I got a once-worn pair of shoes and spent not one cent.  Next time something doesn’t work out for you, try trading with a friend.  It’s a no-cost way of getting something new in your wardrobe.


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