Time After Time

by Sherria

Courtney's Hermes watch

Yesterday I had an amazing lunch with a few District Fashionistas. Among them was Courtney, a fellow American University Alum. I was taken back by her fabulous watch. I usually love charm watches but this was the first time I’d seen a lock as a watch face. The watch was absolutely fabulous. A nice watch can be the perfect accessory or even serve as a substitute for a bracelet. 

Check out the layered wrist band and charm bracelet watches below.

Chain Charm Wrap (La Mer Collection, $110)

Brown-Gold Peace (La Mer Collection, $110)

Anne Klein Women's Charm Watch (Macy's, $95)


2 thoughts on “Time After Time

  1. I looooooooooooove watches, I’ve got over 60 of them. I’m a bit of a Swatch collector but I’ve got watches from Burberry to Swatch and I love them all. They really can make a great accessory for an outfit.

  2. You are right! Watches are a great accessory. I “borrow” my mother’s watches all the time and secretly add them to my own collection, LOL. ~Sherria

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