20 Feet Tall

by Jackie

I love a good shoe, and standing at just under 5’4″ I have developed an intense love affair with heels.  The higher, the better has usually been my heel mantra.  But, I’ve recently come to terms with the truth, I am not tall, and I will never be tall.  This epiphany has been quite liberating.  While I’ll always love my heels, I now feel totally comfortable not only sporting flats or lower shoes just for commuting, but for any and every occasion. They’re also perfect for those carefree Spring days, like today!

Today's outfit: pink bow-tie blouse, H&M; navy blue pencil skirt, H&M; pink low heels, Macy's

In honor of my new-found freedom, I’ve picked out some low-profile heels just for you, all available at Macy’s (my one-stop shoe store).  The plus to lower-heeled pumps is that you don’t have to switch out your shoes when commuting.  They go from the Metro to the office with ease, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day and night if you have evening plans.

  1. Marc Fisher, Bryant Pumps, $69
  2. Jessica Simpson, Milana Pumps, $79
  3. Tahari, Marie Pumps, $89
  4. Bandolino, Shelley Pumps, $49.98

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