Must-have: Crisp White Blouse

by Jackie

My little sister, Maronel, stayed cool and looked even cooler this Easter Sunday in her crisp white blouse.

It seems as if Mother Nature decided to overcompensate for Snowmageddon by turning the temperature all the way up. Eighty-degree days may make you feel like nothing in your closet is comfortable enough to survive your morning commute and work day, but don’t sweat (corny pun intended), a white blouse is the best way to look neat and well-dressed while keeping you cool.

Liven up the look with a brightly-colored bottom and accessories.

Please make sure that the blouse is pristine and pressed.  When washing, be mindful to not use too much bleach because it will actually make your whites start to yellow.  To achieve the ultimate “crisp” look, lightly spray the blouse with starch and iron on a medium setting, you don’t want to set the iron too high and end up with an unsightly scorch stain.

Ruffles add a feminine touch to this classic., $44.50

Where to buy:

  1. Kenneth Cole ruffled blouse,, $34
  2. Tulip skirt,, $99
  3. Tahari pumps,, $89


7 thoughts on “Must-have: Crisp White Blouse

  1. Omg, ladies! I love your blog! This is my life, every morning when I’m getting dressed, I’m forced to tame my trendy wardrobe for work! Its like you all were reading my mind.

  2. I’m glad you like A*cute, Chanae! You’re exactly the reason why the blog exists. When I first joined the workforce I refused to be boring, but still wanted to look my best at all times. Thanks doll, and stay A*cute!

    — Jackie

  3. Well, I must say that you were dressed very stylish and work appropriate when we saw you! Hopefully, we’ll run into each other again. In the meantime…stay tuned for your pic! It will be up next week.

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