Pretty in Pink

by Sherria

Since the All Things Orange post, I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback from A*cute’s reader’s on their favorite colors. I have a co-worker that raves about the color pink! When I was 8 years old, pink was my favorite color. But as a teenager, I didn’t favor it too much. I started to think that pink was for Barbie accessories and Easter eggs. That was until I got a little older and started experimenting with make-up. I found out that I look Pretty in Pink!

Apparently, pastel pink is the new color in season.  As I walked around town this week in the beautiful spring weather, I have noticed tons of women wearing pastel pink blouses with ruffles, layered with light gray cardigans. The look is very feminine, which I love. While I don’t usually wear pink clothes, I do like pink accessories and lipstick. Whatever you choose–pink clothes, accessories, or lipstick–just look pretty! 

Calvin Klein Cotton Satin Dress (on sale at Macy’s, $88.99)
Classic Cotton Tee with Feminine Trim, (Ann Taylor Loft, $34.50)
Sheer Stripe V-neck Cardigan (Ann Taylor Loft, $49.50)

Pink Accessories:

Where to Buy:

1) Juicy Couture Hat  (, $58)

2) Sunglasses (love-, $210)

3) Bright pink silky pashminetta (, $30)

4) Flower hair clip  (, $20)

5) Vera Bradley Zip Sunglasses Case (, $15) 

6) Pink Lipstick (Maybelline’s Color Sensational line and MAC Cosmetics offers various shades of pink. Try sample colors from from the store or order online)


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