Manic Monday

by Jackie

It’s easy for Monday to get you down, especially after a weekend spent enjoying the beautiful springtime weather.  Some girlfriends and I visited the Baltimore Harbor on Saturday.  Of course, we just had to stop at Harborplace mall.  We mostly did some window shopping, but we stumbled upon Laila Rowe’s 25% off everything sale.  Needless to say, our gazing ended. My BFF/roomie Jenn and I picked out these fab headbands that are reminiscent of the roaring 20s, I also scored a silver rose ring, which has instantly become one of my favorite accessories.

This morning, I walked into the kitchen after getting dressed for work and realized we were both sporting our new finds.  There’s no better way to start off the work week than with a fresh new attitude and some new pretty details.

Jenn's pearl rose headband completed her Monday look.

A vintage-inspired feather headband was my Monday pick-me-up

This silver rose ring is one of my new favorite things. (By the way, my nail color is brought to you by OPI - Lunch at the Delhi)


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