Crowning Glory

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Gone are the days when I had to endure the torture of getting my hair braided by my older cousin. I swear my cousin had it out for me. She would pull and tug at my hair; making small little tight braids with beads or barrettes on the end.  I would complain about the pain. Then she’d say “It doesn’t hurt!”  If I had enough guts to stand up to her I would have said “Wow, really? Because my red scalp proves otherwise!”

While cornrow hair braiding originated in Africa and some scholars believe the style may have started around 500 b.c., it has now become a popular style among women of various ages and cultures. In the celebrity world, I’ve noticed a lot of women wearing one big braid to accompany an updo’. Ponytails and buns are classy looks for the office. Check out some of these styles below.

Celebrity Style:

Jessica Simpson

Angela Bassett

Nicole Richie


Jacqueline Pacheco Cardoza rocks the side braid with a bun in the back

Nancy Wilberg-Ricks shows off her double braid with a bun ponytail

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