What to Bring to a Networking Event

by Sherria

To celebrate A*cute’s one-year anniversary, we are hosting a Happy Hour and Networking event at The Park at Fourteenth this Friday. We figured it would be a great way to connect with other professionals in the DC area and also get a chance to see those stylish individuals for whom we created our blog! Networking events are also a fantastic way to learn about different careers that people are pursuing and how to connect your business with theirs. So, come out this Friday and have a great time. Don’t forget to bring the necessities. I’ve created a checklist below for imperative items you won’t want to leave at home.

Bring these:

1) Your “A” Game

The key to a networking event is to be prepared. Engaging in coversation with multiple people will allow you to expand your networks. Be prepared to know the mission of your organization, your career goals, and professional experiences. Make connections between your business and the business of the professionals you are speaking to.

2) Communication Device

In 2010 most professionals have some sort of Smart Phone. Mobile Devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone are quite popular these days. In addition to making phone calls and texting, you can set up appointments, send emails, open Word Documents, surf the internet, or even "beam" your contact information to other Smart Phone users.

3) Contact Information

Bring business cards. This will allow you to easily pass on your contact information to other professionals.

4) Writing Utensil

In a world of technology, information stored in your cell phone can seem like your lifeline. Sometimes we forget that using traditional methods of tracking information is a necessity. Keep a pen in your purse or your pocket just in case you need to take notes. I've always loved Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pens.

5) A Positive Attitude

You would be surprise how far a smile goes! Being friendly and inviting will show others that they are welcome to come speak to you. My 5th grade teacher used to say "manners will take you far" and she was right. I've received many opportunities all from being friendly and speaking to people. Having a warm spirit will attract others to you and open the doors of opportunity!


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