Dear ModCloth…

by Jackie

Dear wonderful people at ModCloth,

The other day I was perusing through your site, as I often do because I adore your vintage-inspired, ultra-feminine style, and stumbled across this happy dress that had my name all over it.  You may or may not know that yellow is my favorite color and that I am quite fond of polka dots.   I also love bows and A-line silhouettes.  All of these elements together just scream “JACKIE!”

I guess it may have called out to others too, because I clicked to purchase and sadly discovered that it was out of stock.  I love that you have an email notification feature for restocking, and am (not so) patiently waiting to hear back from you.

This dress would be the perfect thing to slip into before heading out to work during a sunny summer day.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it before the season starts.

Style and Blessings,



2 thoughts on “Dear ModCloth…

  1. Hi Jackie!
    Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! I have great news for you! It is definitely getting restocked, so be sure to stay close to your e-mail!! 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

    Aire @ModCloth

    • Thank you! I was informed via Twitter and I am awaiting restock. I can’t wait to add this to my closet!


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