My New Spring Fling: Trench Coats

by Sherria

Me and my puff sleeve trench coat from Zara. I love puff sleeve anything!

The sun has everyone fooled! It hasn’t been hot outside the past few days but the sun will make you believe that it’s summer, not spring. Sorry, as much as I want it to be summer I have to accept that wearing a jacket is necessary until June. Light trench coats are perfect for the “in-between” weather we have been experiencing over here in the northeast. My last trench coat was too baggy (Jackie told me that I have a complex; I think I’m bigger than what I am). Whatever the case, I needed a new trench that was tailored to fit my frame. I found a very cute trench at Zara with puff sleeves! Below are a few trench coats that you may want to pick up if you don’t already have a light jacket.

Trench Coats:

Belted Trench Coat (Target, $50)

New Zealand Green Trench (Old Navy, $50)

Miss Sixty Double-Breasted Pleated Trench (, $106)

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