Put a ring on it

by Sherria

I bought this brown stone ring last year from Charlotte Russe.

Everyone who knows me can see that I love BIG rings. I wear them all the time. Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing gaudy jewelry in the office, there are signature pieces that are appropriate (i.e., big necklace, ring, or bracelet)- worn separately, of course!  If you decide to wear a considerably large piece of jewelry,  do not wear any other large pieces with it. For example, if you wear a big necklace, wear small stud earrings. If you wear big ring, opt not to wear a bracelet.  I try to mix and match certain pieces in order to keep my look professional.

Try these:

Where to buy:

1) Onyx Ring with Sterling Silver Snake Overlay (Sears, $72)

2) Disney Couture Tinkerbell egg ring (Fredflare.com, $54)

3) Fabric Floral Cluster Ring (Miss Selfridge, 9GBP=$18)

4) Jacinda 14-karat gold-plated ring (net-a-porter.com, $95)

5) Peter Silver Tail Ring (Modcloth.com, $15)

6) Wing Wrap Stretch Ring (Wet Seal, $30)

7) Sterling Silver Peace Ring (Amazon.com, $8.58)

8) Pink Crystal Contemporary Heart Ring (Amazon.com, $43)

My jewelry box:

Tune: “Put a Ring on It”  -Beyonce, click here to view on Youtube VEVO


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