Instant Glam

by Sherria

Like many women across the Western Hemisphere, I am anticipating the release of Sex in the City:2. Jackie’s post on Tuesday has me anxious about what to wear to the big event! But like many of you, I’m not going to break the bank to find a fabulous outfit. So, I searched through my closet and online to find some pieces that could make me instantly glamorous, without spending money I don’t have in my wallet. Check out the pieces below that can make you look fabulous for the movie premiere or any night out.

P.S. You can wear this to work too, just make sure your skirt falls at the knee or below.

The look:

Get the look:

Flounce Sleeve Satin Top (Forever 21, $15.80)

Bandage Mini Skirt (Forever 21, $3.50) Yes, that's only 3 dollars and 50 cents!

Weave Chain Shoulder Bag (Forever 21, $19.80)

Black Onyx OPI Nail Lacquer

ALDO, Brodigan Pumps, $70


2 thoughts on “Instant Glam

  1. I definitely agree with this post. This is going to be an epic event in the words of a fashion guru, therefore looking your best is important. Nevertheless, there is life after S&C and we don’t have a million dollar wardrobe filled with top labels, like the girls do in the movie. But having a sense of fashion doesn’t require labels, just a good eye. So Ms. Cotton, I too will look in the closet put something EPIC together and we will have a blast. Woot woot. Can’t wait.

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