It’s the little things

by Jackie

The first man to ever tell me I was beautiful was my dad. No matter what I wear, where I’m going, or who I’m around, I can always rest assured that I’m better than good enough because my daddy told me so. Self-esteem is a priceless gift that can never truly be repaid.

My dad is never one for big, lavish gifts.  He is the biggest Yankee fan I know and owns just about every fitted Yankee cap ever made.  His collection is pretty astounding.  When I went home for Memorial Day weekend I noticed that my dad kept commenting on the special-edition cap that the players were wearing during the game in honor of the holiday.  The minute I got back to DC I made sure I ordered it so that it would be there in time for fathers’ day.  He actually got it early and I was so happy he loved it.  (I pride myself on being a good gift-giver lol).

What is the best fathers’ day gift you’ve ever given?


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