Anwhere but here.

by Jackie

Beaches and barbecues are all that’s on my mind as Fourth of July weekend rolls around. Work has been incredibly stressful with two upcoming conferences and a heavy news cycle.  What’s keeping me from going crazy is occasionally daydreaming about my upcoming vacation in August with my friends. It’ll be six days of sun, fun, and laying around in the Florida Keys (BP will not stop us!).  Though I’ve been looking forward to this trip for MONTHS, I neglected to buy a bathing suit. So now, I’ve got a few weeks to order one in enough time. I’ve got a couple of old reliables that I’ll be bringing along, but I want to add something new to my tiny collection.  I’m asking you, yes YOU, to help me choose.

Vote below!

I adore the 50’s pin-up style of this suit from Mod Cloth.  It’s fun, flirty, and different. The only drawback is the price.  It’s a whopping $90, which is may more than I’d ever want to pay for such little fabric.  But, it may just be cute enough to be worth it.

This sassy little number from Victoria’s Secret is right up my alley.  I love halter tops on swimsuits and the pink/brown/white color combination would look nice against my complexion. With a total price of $20, there’s not much of a drawback here.

It may sound weird, but my favorite part of my body is my shoulders. Call me old-fashioned, but I think baring shoulders is a demure way to be sexy. This tankini swim set from Target is priced at $30.


3 thoughts on “Anwhere but here.

  1. The VS, it fun & youthful w/ a hint of personality. I like 50s pin up also but the polka dots are not convincing me, maybe in a solid. Enjoy the Keys, I visited as a teenager & had a ball! Maybe I should visit again as an adult!

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