Big, Bold, Bright belts

by Sherria

We are ‘smack-dab’ in the middle of summer it’s still hard for me to believe how humid it is outside. I thought it was humid in D.C., but since I’ve been here in San Antonio, Texas, I’ve gotten a real taste of what it’s like to be in a place that’s humid. Every day I wake up to find the windows drenched in dew. I try to flat-iron my hair and when I walk outside it turns into a puff ball. I try to wear blazers into the office, but obviously that’s not a good idea. It’s been a bit of a challenge for me to realize that it is summer and I can play around with my summer wardrobe.  Today as I strolled down to the hotel lobby, I saw my co-worker wearing a tan sheath dress and a bright belt. “Wow, she’s looking bright this morning,” I thought to myself. She looked professional, yet fun with the coral colored belt. From now on, I’m going to adopt her summer office look; wearing bright accessories. The belt is what really makes the outfit, in my opinion. Below, I’ve featured a few belts that you may like to wear with your summer dresses.

Jacqueline Pacheco Cardoza shows off her coral belt

Bright belts:

Where to buy:

1) Purple: Purple Rose Bow Silk Stretch Belt (, $6)

2) Pink: Beautiful Vintage Amanda Smith Hot Pink Suede Belt (, $53)

3) Yellow: Rock N Row Leather Belt (, $143)

4) Red: Double Big Bow Elastic Belt (, $9)

5) Tan Suede: ASOS Suede Tie Front Obi Belt (, $42)

6) Brown: ASOS Festival Purse Belt (, $25)


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