…and they were all yellow…

by Jackie

My roommate Jenn and I were playing at-home salon last night, while watching Denzel Washington smoothly slay his enemies in The Book of Eli.  Though I love being pampered at the nail salon, I am not big on spending money.  So every now and then, Jenn and I will swap nail lacquer over movies and girl talk.  My latest discovery in her collection is this happy shade of yellow — the absolute best color in the world.  I love the way the color looks against my complexion and that it’s bright without being neon.

Sally Hansen's "Mellow Yellow" is just too cute!


2 thoughts on “…and they were all yellow…

  1. I’ve been sporting orange for most of the summer. I’m typically and natural hue/clear polish kinda girl, but this summer I’ve really gone for the bright and bold. I think it’s in line with all of the changes I’ve been experiencing. Anyway, hot pink has also made it into the rotation. White currently dons my tips.

  2. I love white! It matches everything. And, I know what you mean. My nail polish usually reflects how I feel. I’m glad you’re into brights!

    — Jackie

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