Here comes the bride

by Sherria

Let’s face it, we are getting older and it seems like everyone is getting married. I know three couples that are getting married before the Fall starts. While I am happy for the beautiful brides- to- be, I can’t help but to think about sticking to a moderate budget when purchasing bridal shower and wedding gifts. Although my friends and I believe that the presence of loved ones is the most important aspect of hosting a wedding ceremony, it is still nice for a couple to receive quality gifts from family and friends.  So, I’ve done some online shopping and discovered that there are gifts that you can purchase under $50. Below are some gift suggestions.

Bridal Shower

Surprisingly, the Victoria’s Secret Bridal Collection isn’t expensive at all. They have a lot of lingerie under $50 on the website. 

Mesh & Lace Baby Doll (, $35)

Satin Slip (VictoriasSecret, $38)

Wedding Gift

I believe that the wedding gift should be something that both parties can use. I am an advocate for health living, so I would suggest buying cookware. Couples can start off a healthy marriage by eating healthy.

Food Steamers can be bought from Target, WalMart, or Macy's for under $50. Most of them range from $20-$38.

Cutlery sets usually range from about $50 up. Quality Stainless steel sets will cost you a bit of money. But check out Macy's Kitchen/Cutlery section; most of the sets are now on sale.

 Hope my suggestion will be of use to you as you start shopping for gifts.

Stay tuned on A*cute to find out how to pick out the perfect outfit for the wedding. You want to look fab, but not better than the bride. Check back with A*cute for updates.


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