What to wear: Wedding Edition

by Jackie

Jackie's big day last November kicked off my wedding marathon.

My refrigerator is adorned with the happy, shiny faces of couples in love announcing their upcoming nuptuals with save-the-dates and ornately decorated invitations to much-anticipated weddings.  After I get over the initial excitement, the age old “What to wear?” question repeatedly plagues me as I mentally dig through my closet.  Last week, Sherria outlined the perfect gifts to buy for a just-wed couple.  Here are some A*cute suggestions on what you should wear to the blissful occasion:

Your best friend’s wedding

Stand out without out shining the bride in a colorful and flirty dress. Make sure to pair with nude sandals or pumps to elongate your legs and not compete with the dress. Top it off with bright accessories and you’ll be sure to catch the eye of the cute best man!

Old classmate’s wedding

Your old high school buddy is tying the knot! You’re bound to run into people that knew you back when you sported braces and didn’t quite know what to do with that hair of yours. Take it up a notch with a sexy, yet demure assymmetrical dress. By baring a shoulder, you can be sexy and classy. Again, keep your shoes neutral to elongate your legs and let the dress speak for itself.

The Usher

Sherria and I served as ushers for Jackie’s wedding last year. We kept it simple, yet elegant with black dresses and matching pashminas that coordinated with her vibrant wedding colors: hot pink, purple, and bright orange.

The bridesmaid

My roomie/BFF Jenn and I are honored to be bridesmaids in a friend’s wedding. We were so happy the bride and bridesmaids decided on Twobirds bridesmaids dresses. The dress is virtually one-size-fits-all and has a convertible top that can be worn in about 22 different styles to suit each girl’s unique body type and fit the mood of the wedding and reception.


2 thoughts on “What to wear: Wedding Edition

  1. I am obsessed with the dresses for Twobirds! I ordered a swatch of the fabric and could not stop touching it. This is a perfect dress for bridesmaids (BMs). The ladies can feel and look beautiful and easy rock this style for another event. Gone are the days when the BMs looked a hot mess! 🙂 Good series ladies.

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