Ride and Read: Bitch is the New Black

by Jackie

“CBC is to single-black-chick Washington as Fleet Week is to single-white-gal New York. Seamen? How ‘bout degreed men!” — Helena Andrews, Bitch is the New Black

Reading on the Metro helps make my unpredictable commute feel more like a break than a burden.  It has been a recent goal of mine to read on my way to and from work every day.  For the last couple of weeks, Helena Andrews has been cracking me up with her memoir, Bitch is the New Black.

The Steve Harveys of the world have over-saturated airwaves, bookshelves and news shows with their advice for escaping the Bermuda Triangle that is  The Lonely-Single-Black-Woman Phenomenon [insert horror movie music here].  This book is a refreshing departure from the “Black Women Can’t Find A Man” stereotype and is an honest account of what it’s like to pursue success and a healthy relationship, simultaneously.

Minced with stories from her unconventional childhood, are the typical dating misadventures that I and many of my friends can relate to.  There were many instances where I wanted to turn to the Metro passenger next to me and say, “O Em Gee, this is SO my life!” But, I didn’t want to be the crazy girl on the train that everyone pretends not to see. Her Gchat conversations with her best friend are virtual CTRL+Cs and CTRL+Vs of the daily exchanges between me and my BFF/roomie Jenn.

I was sad when I finished the book. It felt like a close girlfriend had moved away.  This book is a must-read, not just for single, black girls in Washington, but for anyone looking for a laugh and a “That’s my life!” moment.


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