Stepping out in Linen

by Sherria

When the summer first started, I was excited to buy a pair of white linen pants. I imagined pairing them up with colorful shirts and gaudy jewelry. But as the summer went on I only wore my linen pants ONE time with a BLACK top to a casual barbeque. That wasn’t quite the vision I had for my linen pants this season. There’s a woman that works downtown here in Washington, DC that I see almost every morning walking to work. I could be delirious, but I swear she wears linen pants every day.   I don’t know if they are the same pair of pants or if she has a dozen pair of white linen pants, but I must say that she looks really cute. She has inspired me to pull my linen pants out of the closet and give them a second go-round. I wouldn’t mind getting linen pants in some other colors, maybe navy blue or tan. I found some online that I would like to pick up. Check them out:

Looks to try: 

Try these:

Wendy Wide Linen Pants (Forever 21, $20)

Fall Navy Blue linen pants (Gap, $20)

Weekend Wear:

Linen Harem Pants (Forever 21, $34)


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