Neverending Summer

by Jackie

I was excited when lifestyle blogger Maxine asked me to write last week’s Fly Fabulous Friday guest post for her fab blog In a Fabulous WorldA*cute loves sharing tips on how to look fashionable without breaking the bank.  So, I gave @inafabworldblog readers tips on how to make summer wardrobe pieces translate into the fall.

As fall sets in, it’s tempting (and boring) to stick to the typical autumn palette — orange, brown, mustard yellow, dark green etc. Make your fall outfits pop by inserting a little summer into your wardrobe in the cooler months.

Layering is key to making your outfits stretch beyond one season. Instead of placing your summer clothes in storage, add a blazer or a simple cardigan to take you warm-weather looks into the cooler months. When it gets colder, add a pair of tights to any of these looks to keep you warm and fab!

Don’t stash away your summer work dresses. Create a whole new look by topping it with a blazer. (Gabardine style blazer, Forever 21, $34)

Keep your summer skirts relevant in the fall with this basic open cardigan from Forever 21 ($16). A must-have item for fall is an open cardigan. It’s one of the most versatile items that you can add to your wardrobe.


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