Fashion Foundation

by Sherria

“You should care about choosing the right type of undergarments just as much as you care about choosing the perfect outfit.” 

When I was a little girl my mother taught me to wear dark underwear under light clothes. Why? Because I’m BROWN! Anyone who wears white or light-colored clothing should wear undergarments that are closest to their skin complexion. When I wore skirts and dresses to Sunday service my mother made me wear a slip. Why? Because skirts and dresses are usually made with light fabrics that are see-through in the sunlight. When I started to go to evening affairs with friends in college I bought a strapless bra WITH SUPPORT. Why? Because buying a strapless bra without support (i.e. bandeau bra) will not hold ‘the girls’ up for long once you start dancing and moving about. No matter how cute your outfit is, if you are wearing IMPROPER undergarments, you will look unkempt.  

 With that said, ladies please search for the proper undergarments for any outfit that you wear. Victoria’s Secret is not the only store for undergarments.  My friends who have been blessed with larger bust sizes have had trouble finding comfortable underwear in chain lingerie stores.  My co-worker, Jenni, mentioned a specialty shop (Dor-ne Corset Shoppe) in Silver Spring, Maryland that can measure and tailor your undergarments to fit your body. I’ve also searched online for some affordable pieces that fabulous plus-size women can wear under their stylish outfits.

 Happy Hour:

Left: "Naomi" High Shoulder Dress w/Panels-Black Leopard (Monif C., $198) Right: Spanx Slim Cognito Body Shaper (Lane Bryant, $76)

Rooftop Party:

Left: "Raquel" Black Jumpsuit with Leopard Print Belt (Monif C., $198) Right: Spanx Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper (Lane Bryant, $50)

Dinner Party:

Left: "Marilyn" Ruched Convertible Dress- Red (Monif C., $215) Right: Goddess Seamless Molded Underwire Bridal Strapless Bra (, sale $31.50)

*Featured style options from Monif C. ‘Contemporary Plus Size Clothing’Pre-Fall Collection 2010


2 thoughts on “Fashion Foundation

  1. I once wore a brown skirt to the office and someone pointed out to me it was see through!! I jetted to Fileens Basement to find a slip and lucked out with the last one on the shelf! Whew!

  2. Yeah when we get dressed in the morning we can’t see through the clothes because there’s no natural light. But as soon as you step outside, skirts and dresses often become transparent. I have about 3 or 4 slips in my underwear drawer.

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