A*cute Clothing Exchange

by Sherria

Remember that blazer that you just loved last season? Well, it’s now hanging in the back of your closet and has not seen the light of day in months.  This situation is all too familiar for women who love to shop! We buy something that we love for a few months and then when we get bored with the item, we never wear it again. So many of my friends, including myself, have clothes or shoes that we don’t want or need anymore, or possibly the item may look better on your best friend. Why not let them take it off of your hands? This story is how the idea for the A*cute Clothing Exchange came about.  On Saturday, Jackie and I hosted the event; providing a space where friends could bring their clothes, shoes, and accessories that they haven’t worn in a while and wanted to exchange, free of charge. While we exchanged clothes, we had a fun time sipping mimosas and eating delicious snacks while sharing shopping and dating stories.

* Clothing that was not exchanged went to a charitable organization for underprivileged women and families.

“The moment I walked in I had my eyes locked on a pair of vintage, cream-colored flower earrings. I was in love! I’m definitely wearing them to work today. I also picked up a military green fringe tank that will go perfect with a pair of dark skinny leg jeans.” – JENNIFER TYRE

“The clothing exchange was great! Where else can you get free clothes, sip mimosas, and enjoy an afternoon with friends. My new animal print top, red jeans and oversized wooden bracelet were definitely one of the highlights. Can’t wait for the next event!!” – AISHA HIGGINS



“I needed slacks and jeans- I lucked up and found both. Not only did I have a few pieces to add to my wardrobe but my accessories and cocktail dresses found a new home. I can’t wait for the next swap!” – KEREN JOHNSON

 Enjoy a few pictures from the event:


Photo credit: Scott Pegram


5 thoughts on “A*cute Clothing Exchange

  1. Very cool. I’ve thought about this but seeing A*cute pull it off is a motivator. Thanks for the inspiration. Could I contact you for tips on how to plan this event? Thanks, Najeema

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