#DCFW: Bridal Collections

by Jackie

DC Fashion Week kicked off with a Bridal Collections show at the Textile Museum in Dupont.  Beautiful floral arrangements adorned the courtyard,  classic wedding music plays in the background, and grooms are set in place as bridal models walked down the runway as they would an aisle.  Armed with our notebooks and a glasses of sparkling wine, Sherria and I took in the showcase while Jennifer Tyre for Almenia J. Photography captured the designers’ work.

(Models’ hair and makeup by Aveda)

Alvin Thompson – New Couture

These classic wedding dress designs are fit for the traditional bride. A sassy bridesmaid's dress departed from the line's theme and brought a colorful and flirty twist to the collection.

Leighel Desiree

The African-inspired wedding dresses are ideal for the bride that wants to make a bold statement. Don't expect the typical "wedding white" from this collection.

Esther Huffman

This collection is perfect for the bride who pictures her wedding as a medieval fairytale and her groom as her prince. Rich fabrics and dramatic styling make this line perfect for a royal occasion.

Elizabeth St. John

The Elizabeth St. John Bridal Collection was my favorite of the evening. Classic and sophisticated designs are perfect for the modern bride who does not want to stray too far from tradition. If I were a bride-to-be, there is no doubt that I would pay this design house a visit.

More Event Photos!

A*cute's Sherria and Jackie with CEO and Founder of DC Fashion Week Ean Williams.

The "grooms"

The Textile Museum is a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.


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