“Kanye said he liked my shoes”

by Jackie

Lucky Patrick always seems to find a golden opportunity.

Patrick: soooo… i got an offer to do this interview for John Legend’s concert on Thursday that would be broadcast over youtube… and hi!

Idk what to do.

me: What?! Go talk to John Legend!

Patrick: lol… So I should go?

me: Yes!

Though Patrick lives in New York, we usually update each other on the random happenings of our lives through GChat. He’s my go-to source for a male perspective on basically everything (me: Dude, can I wear flats on a date? Patrick: Men don’t care. Save your heels for events.), so when he messaged me for advice on whether he should play hooky for a half-day for a chance to possibly meet John Legend, I gave the most reasonable response I could muster, “Well, duh!”

Turns out, he not only met the R&B crooner, but he also ran into Kanye West who complimented him on his footwear. Of course, I’m excited that my friend got to meet THE Kanye West, but I was even more hyped over the shoes,  “Dude, he liked your SHOES!”  Kanye is widely known for his trendsetting style, so a compliment from him is a golden stamp of approval in men’s fashion.

THE actual shoes. (Milkshake-colored suede Cole Haan Venetian Loafer)

Though Patrick purchased his shoes about two years ago from Gilt Groupe, you can get a similar pair here.

Frye Sand Oil "Manny" Loafers

Patrick snapped a pic of Kanye talking to a fan on his iPhone.

John Legend

Spike Lee

Click here to see if Patrick’s interview made it to the final cut!

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