Bridesmaid Bliss

by Jackie

After months of prepping, the big day finally arrived for my friends Kita and Phil. I couldn’t have been more excited to be a bridesmaid last Saturday, firstly because I adore this couple and secondly, because I couldn’t wait to wear  my bridesmaid dress.

I've seen some really bad bridesmaid dresses (worse than the one pictured here), so when Kita and the bridesmaids decided on twobirds, I was happy and relieved. (Photo: 27 Dresses)

My roomie/BFF Jenn modeling the twobirds dress. She also took some awesome photos of the wedding. See them here: (Photo:

Maba and I helping the bride get dressed. (Photo:

Not only do I plan on wearing the dress again, but these shoes are also a great addition to my collection. (Diba "Selma" platforms in nude) (Photo:

The bride and groom gave each bridesmaid this pretty brooch to accessorize our dresses. (Photo:

Congrats Phil and Kita! Thanks for such a beautiful time! (Photo:


2 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Bliss

  1. Great choice of a bridesmaid dress! Praise the Lord for friends with exquisite taste! Great photos JT1 (that’s your new name now that JF is a JT too!) LOL

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