Fur Vests–“Friend or Faux Pas”

by Sherria

Kelly Rowland leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London, UK Photo Credit: Dailymail.co.uk

 I went shopping last month with my friend, Jamie, in Georgetown. As we walked down the brick and cobble stoned streets lined with expensive designer shops, I had to put my A*cute thinking cap on. The A*cute thinking cap allows me to spot expensive clothes, keep the image in my head, and use that image to find an exact replica at a less expensive store. The last store browsed was Zara. Granted, Zara isn’t too expensive, but it wasn’t a pay week for me. As I looked around, a cream faux fur vest caught my attention. Now, I have never liked fur. Fur to me represents people with too much money who don’t mind wearing skinned animals on their bodies. But again, this vest was “faux fur.” “Hmm, I thought to myself, that isn’t too bad.” I didn’t get the vest because I told myself that I did not have anything to wear with it. But as I continue to shop, faux fur vest keep popping up everywhere. I think it’s a sign that I should get it to add to my fall wardrobe collection. What do you think?  

The Vests:

In the Office:

Plain and simple clothing such as a black skirt and black shirt will make your vest stand out without looking too flashy.


Night Out:

Wearing a shoe with color will break up neutral tones.

Would you ever wear a faux fur vest? Let us know. Comments are welcomed.


7 thoughts on “Fur Vests–“Friend or Faux Pas”

  1. Faux fur, what a perplexing issue. I would concede that I’m not 100% against it, but I do have ground rules. I think you should look for the better “quality” version of the fake stuff. Imagery is everything, and if you are going to fake it, you have to do it right. That being said, I’d advocate going for the real thing if you have the dollars to spend. There are several places doing it right though. I haven’t done a lot of browsing but I noticed that Urban Outfitters has an excellent faux shearling coat for the fall/winter.
    Other alternatives: fur looking but high quality items, such as J.Crew’s “electra vest” . J.Crew also exhibits its knack for the real thing, take a look at the J.Crew Collection. Also check out Madewell by J.Crew.
    Finally, another alternative to fur is to not do fur at all. Substitute it for a selection of heavier textures and fabrics – tweed jackets is and will always be a classic killer in the fall/winter category of your wardrobe!

  2. Hey Justin,
    I didn’t like the fur options on Urban Outfitters. I liked the style of the J.Crew’s electra vest, just not the color. I want something brown or camel colored. Your recommendation to wear tweet was great. I absolutely love tweed. It reminds me of classic Chanel suits. I have two tweet jackets but I’m looking for me. Thanks for your suggestions!


  3. I’d like to co-sign with Justin. There are a lot of bad faux fur items out there. If you’re going to go faux, pick a quality faux. There is nothing worse in a fall/winter wardrobe than a nappy ass faux fur vest (or insert an other item of clothing here).

    Another option for those of us who don’t mind killing small animals and wearing them across our backs is rabbit fur. It is a less expensive option for the fur lovers!

    As usual, great job girls! I love you guys! #muah

  4. Hey A*cute dolls,
    Thanks for doing a post on Faux-fur! I am a huge fan of this season’s must have. I think it both fab and fun, and can jazz up any outfit. Sugar, if that vest continues to stay on your mind, then maybe it needs to find a home in your closet;0)
    Great work ladies woot woot!!

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