Around Town: Cocktails With Belle, Halloween, and HU Homecoming

by Jackie

Networking events can be intimidating. What do you wear? How do you introduce yourself? Is he really interested in making a professional connection or is he just another lame trying to “holla”?

Demetria Lucas, Essence Magazine relationship editor and author of A Belle in Brooklyn, brought a much-welcomed spin to the DC networking scene on Wednesday at Policy.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend this edition of Cocktails With Belle, because I missed the first installment earlier this year and heard great feedback about the event.  It was the opposite of everything that usually annoys me about the DC networking scene.  It was a relaxed environment made for conversation complete with good music that was low enough to talk over and $5 drink specials.

Posing with sorors and fellow bloggers, @OriginalNajeema and @ShesSavvy. (Photo:

The happy hour was missing one key thing: Men. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Many times, at networking happy hours, it’s difficult to figure out if your phone number will end up in an electronic Rolodex or a collection of “Little Black Book” numbers in a Blackberry.  No worries about any of that with this event.  I made some great connections, including fellow bloggers Single Independent Sistah, She’s Savvy DC, and Hell in a Handbag.

I had a great time and can’t wait for the next one!


Trick or Treat!

What will we be this year?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Though I am a scaredy cat, I’ve always loved dressing up.  This year, my friends and I will be attending Nightmare on M. Street, trick-or-treating for libations instead of candy in the Dupont area.



HU Homecoming Happenings


One thought on “Around Town: Cocktails With Belle, Halloween, and HU Homecoming

  1. Networking is often a tricky topic. I remember when I lived in DC, it felt like every networking mixer was just an excuse to get to the bar right after work instead of waiting for the club at night. And it was a great way to get some weekday drinking in without being out too late. Perhaps part of this perception was how the events were publicized as well?
    Alas, maybe because I am growing older and more wise, or because I have a loving significant other…I am always looking for opportunities to truly network and none of the frivolous connections. I have launched a business that depends on building relationships with PRs, creatives, and consumers of retail fashion and style advice. A healthy growth in the networking initiative is good news to me!

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