Talk to the hand

by Sherria

The last time I had false nail tips applied my finger nails at the salon was about a year ago. The nail technician used some drilling tool to drill down the cuticles and top layer of my fingernails to fit make a better holding surface for the glue she was about to put on my nails. This process takes about a good 45 minutes. If you are a woman on the go and do not have time for this type of maintenance, I have discovered a remedy. Over the weekend, I went ‘beauty’ shopping in Wal-Mart and found a ‘do-it-yourself’ French nails from Kiss. You may be thinking, “those nails are cheap and look too fake.” But don’t knock it before you try it. If you want something that will last for weeks for a month, then a ‘do-it-yourself’ nail kit is not for you. But if you are looking for pretty nails to last about a week, then I would suggest it. I glued my nails on last night and so far people think these small tips are my real nails. So, if you are going on a date, planning to meet your boyfriend’s parents, need nails for a cocktail party, or simply want to give it a try, go pick up the Kiss Everlasting French Clear Pink Petite Length Nail Kit.

2 thoughts on “Talk to the hand

  1. I do my own French nails, but I use a white nail polish pen from I got from Target. I think Sally’s produces it. It’s basically like a little white-out pencil, but if you have a steady hand, the nails can come out nice. They only last for a few days, depending on how active you are, but I like it, and it saves me from going to the nail salon or putting glue on my nails. I hope this is helpful! 🙂

  2. That sounds great! My cousin uses a nail pen for french tips and colorful nail polish to add flavor to her tips. I love flavorful nails! Thanks for your advice. I love Sally Hensen nail products.

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