Cape Town

by Sherria

I have a grey dress from H&M that I wear all the time. I’m almost sure that I wear this dress at least once a week. I usually wear it with a black blazer, but I’m tired to that look and my co-workers are probably tired of seeing me in it. As I searched through my drawers this morning, I found a cape that I hadn’t worn since last year. I decided that wearing the cape will make my dress look like a skirt. I have come across a few capes in stores. However, most of them are outerwear capes, while the one I have is an indoor cape (it will not keep me warm outside unless I wear a jacket on top). So far, the cape is keeping me warm inside my air-conditioned office building and I feel like I have a brand new outfit on. Below are some outerwear cape options for work or play.

 Options for leisure time and for work:

Fidelity Short Cape (, $178)

Additional Options:

Hooded Military Cape (ASOS, $129.30)

Funnel Neck Military Cape (ASOS, $137.92)

I’ve had my knitted cape for a few years now.


6 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. Girlll…I love this post. I love this season’s must-have!!!!!!!!!!! I told the husband that I needed one for christmas. When I was in Paris, I saw them everywhere, but American girls arent really rocking them that hard. Or should I say DC girls…becuz I know my NYC fashionistas have it on lock. Thanks Acute for giving DC a breathe of fashion air;0) bisous
    PS: Your black cape is ADORABLE. I love!!!!

  2. Very much a fan of capes – loving the ASOS examples, but also yours! Just saw a fab one in Selfridges today too – double woop for winter!!

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