Sequins: Is it suitable for work?

by Sherria

Is sequins suitable for work? My first answer, loud and clear would be “NO.” When I was in college I had a internship with the federal government as did other students in the DC area. One day I went into the office and saw one of the interns wearing a sequins top and capri pants. I wondered if she was going to the club after work. I wasn’t a sequins fan to begin with, but that day I was totally turned off of sequins. That is until last year when Jackie and I performed as backup singers to a Turner skit for an office party. We had to wear sequins dresses for the skit, which we purchased at Forever21 for under $20. Jackie decided to also wear the dress for a New Year’s party she attended. So, since 2008, I have started to warm up to sequins, but I still don’t find it appropriate for the office. However, I have found some sequin accessories that one may deem as office appropriate. Check it out below and let me know what you think.


1) Sequin Panel Tote (, $180)

2) Juicy Couture Sequin Stripped Dame Bag (, $298)

3) Juicy Couture Sequin Zip Around Wallet (, $88)

4) Marbel Sequin Ballet Flat (, $70)


Vince Sequin Sweatshirt (; Barrett Poppy Sneaker (; Tucker Fur-Lined Hi Tops (


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