Root for the Home Team!

by Jamie Trotter

Jamie Trotter- Corner and Widereceiver for the Maryland Lady Dominators

I can’t tell you enough how many times I see a woman walk into a sporting event, dressed head to toe like she’s walking the runway, and I think to myself “Why?” So when I was asked to write a post on attire for Monday Night Football, I was more than thrilled! As a HUGE football fan and lover of all things sports, I am impressed to see professional sports embracing their female fans more. The NFL has a full line of women’s fan apparel. From replica jerseys, baby tees, and even custom denim, there is something to suit every personality.Gone are the days where you have to settle for an over-sized men’s jerseys, or if you’re on the petite side like me, a large youth jersey!

If you are more of the girly type but still would like to rep your team, I recommend to go with a more fitted tee such as the one below.

Reebok Washington Redskins Women's 3/4 Rib Henley Top, $39.99

For you stadium goers- with the weather changing it can be difficult to show your team pride through the ten layers necessary to stay warm. So if you’re brave enough to face the elements on any given Sunday (or Monday), Victorias Secrets Pink NFL line has you covered, literally. Their line features glittery sweats and one of my personal favorites, puffer vests!

Washington Redskins Puffer Vest (Victoria's Secret Pink Collection, $98)

Victoria's Secret Pink Collections: Root For Your Team Gear- Clockwise (V-neck Tee, 32.50; Varsity Pants, $44.50; Football Tee, $49.50)

Whatever you decide to wear, just remember to be casual and comfortable. Leave the Stilettos home!

Jamie Trotter is a Loan Officer, a graduate of Georgetown University, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated. You can follow her on Twitter @JT_SavvyLending.


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