Coach Lovers

by Sherria

Check out the Coach Homepage ( for 17 pages of gift ideas

Last night as I was checking out blog sites, a Coach advertisement popped up which featured new arrivals and holiday gift ideas. I believe in giving gift from the heart at all times of the year. But, there are a ton of holiday sales and new mechandise pouring into stores now. So, I’m a fan of “getting it now while the getting is good.”   I fell in love with the gold Coach house slippers. I usually run around bare foot, but this season, I may change that habit and invest in a good pair of house shoes. Take a look at some selections I chose as nice gifts. Also, if you want to find great discounts on Coach items, head to the outlet store at Potomac Mills Mall, located in Woodbridge, Virginia. 

Add a splash of color to your winter with a bright bag:

Kristin Leather Pleated Bag, $398

Petite gift for a friend, sister, or close co-worker:

Coach created a 'Poppy' edition to its classic wristlet line; only $42

Cozy gift:

Walk around your house in style with the Cailyn Shearling Slipper, $158


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