Are You Gellin’?

Guest Post by Keren Odeah Johnson

DC Socialite Keren Johnson has her hands on the newest nail trend.

I’ve always looked to A*cute for guidance on professional wear and
advice on the latest fashion trends. However, if it’s one thing I
know- it’s that a woman’s hands tie together the whole look.
As a self-proclaimed manicure-obsessed professional, it’s tough
finding a way to care for my natural nails without dealing with the
constant chipping of nail polish or fading of a color. I learned about
Minx last year- tried it- and sorry ladies but I hated it (with two
snaps and a circle a la In Living Color).

My hopes were dashed until I found OPI axxium. After two months of
research, I decided to try it out myself. I went to Nails Etc. salon
on 12th Street NE (Brookland Metro). Typically, I’m too busy in the
fabulous pedicure massage chair to notice the special offers. Luckily
for me, two weeks ago I noticed a $25 special on the gel manicure. The
process was pretty amazing- a clear gel was applied to my nails (no
buffing or drilling, Amen). Next several coats of Opium Axxium in Here
Today, Aragon Tomorrow were applied over the clear coat. After each
application, my nails were placed under a UV lamp. The final top coat
was applied and set under the lamp. Literally, two minutes later, my
nails were DRY! Dry as in I could schlep through my purse for my car
keys, put on my gloves and drive away without doing the tricky my
nails are wet dance. Here’s the real kicker- two weeks later my nails
are still beautiful and not one chip.

Two weeks after salon visit, the OPI Axxium gel manicure remained fresh -- no chipping or fading!

I’ve washed dishes and typed my life away.   Just today I slammed my finger in a door jam and my nail emerged unchipped. This product is the real deal. I highly recommend the gel manicure and will be getting them again from here on out.
The one downside- the color is not true to the polish version.
Typically, OPI HTAT is a forest green almost black color. In the gel
version it’s more of a collard green color. The other drawback- if you’re
like me- my nails have grown so fast that the polish near the cuticles
have a gap. Nonetheless, I’m beyond satisfied and it was well worth
the money.


6 thoughts on “Are You Gellin’?

  1. I LOL’d through this entire post because all I could think of was “crit o gel”. Anyway what happens when they take it off, do your nails get damaged at all?

  2. LOL Kirsten- the simple answer is “it’s better for you!”
    I haven’t taken it off yet- again it’s been two weeks and they’re going strong. From what I understand, you soak the gel off in acetone. It’s not quite the same as soaking off acrylics in that it should only take about a minute or two to remove the product. As far as the proces, no filing or buffing was done to my natural nail. I don’t anticipate they’ll be weakened by it. Will let you know 🙂

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