Working my Dominican Blowout

by Sherria

After today, I promise not to over-do it with my own hair issue anymore. I struggled with sticking to one salon that could meet the needs of my extremely thick , short, and sometimes dry hair. I used to frequent the Dominican salon when my hair was long, but when I cut it I found two “go-to” spots in the DC-area (Salon Revive, which carries only Aveda products, when I wanted a moisture treatment and Shear Movement when I wanted a celebrity style cut). During my first week here in New York, I tried to go to an Aveda Salon but the stylist didn’t have a flat iron that could be used on my short hair. So, she suggested that I go to 125th Street and look for a Dominican salon. I was a little bit skeptical because I have never seen an African-American woman with a short “boy-cut” get their hair done at a Dominican salon. But, I found one: New Complete Beauty. The stylist Jenny was super cool and she managed to style my hair with a big flat iron because she didn’t have a 1/2 inch flat iron for my hair either. But somehow, someway, she worked it out! And…it only cost me $20 for a wash, condition, and blow-dry, whereas in many salons I have been to charge $45 standard for the same service. I’m happy with the Dominican salon and will try a deep condition next time for added moisture to my tresses.

Getting there:

Catch the 1 train to 125th and Martin Luther King Blvd. Salon "New Complete Beauty" is located at 445 W. 125th Street. Phone (212) 678-7858.

The Results:

Short hair styled with a one and a half inch flat iron. I don't recommend that you try that at home. On a regular basis, I bump my hair with a 1/2 inch flat iron to achieve small curls.


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